100 day writing activities 2nd grade

We used the Aging Booth app to create these photos of ourselves as if we were years old. They wrote the googol on adding machine tape with the help of a friend and then I taped it to a popsicle stick and wrapped a rubber band around it to take home: One of my students said, "Mrs.

I just may have to arrange this to happen. I have included a few of their writing samples and Lego creations. What will it be like to be a student your age years from now?

100th Day of School Writing Prompts: Freebie, Past Narrative, Personal Narrative

They knew that today was going to be special when a plastic baggie was on their desk and they were told that their morning work consisted of counting out Legos. K and 1 did it up big and then we kind of said, "Hey kids! Once each student finished their Lego creation, they had to come to me to create a label.

I raided my kitchen and emptied a bunch of perfectly fine old spices so that I could fill them with random objects that I raided from other parts of the house.

We also made a googol which is a 1 followed by zeroes. Communication was key as they helped each other spell words, check for words that may have been doubled up, and triple check to make sure that the words that were listed were adjectives and not nouns or verbs.

What was it like to be a student your age years ago? They modeled their "2nd grade best handwriting" with hopes that Mr. They come in, lay out their BEE binder, read the morning message, sharpen their pencils, and begin their morning work.

Second Grade Writing Activities

I set up each activity in a different spot in the room and left a direction card and all the stuff for the center there. Once their creation and label were on display, I gave them a writing template and asked them to use adjectives to write "beefy sentences" that would describe what they made.

This was a HUGE departure from my normal teachery self. I put a number on each bottle and they had to record what was inside and whether they thought the amount was greater or less than I hung out at that station most of the time.

What would you do with kisses? I feel bad, but those were one of the very first things I listed on tpt last year. Now open your math books. What will you do when you are years old?

They may not be perfect but I feel that it was an effective activity! We use a chart where we write the days every time we read from the book. We displayed their creations around the classroom.

Hundred Day Hoopla!

I love when they are proud of themselves! I hope all the other freebie stuff makes up for it! I think it looks great!Day activities: Cute Day of school writing activity. snack, fruit loop necklace, writing prompts years old self portrait, if i had dollars. th day activities Classroom Freebies Classroom fun Second Grade math Grade 1 Daily math School Items Daily Five Math 2nd Grade Math day of school.

Celebrate the th Day of School with these printable worksheets and craft activities. Math. Addition. Algebra (Basic) Celebrate days of learning with these printable craft activities and worksheets.

Crafts. th Day Crown FREE.

Celebrate the 100th Day of School!

Cut, color, and build a crown to wear on the th day of school. Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. Happy th Day of School! This pack includes 3 different prompts that can be used in any elementary grade level. For Pre-K and Kinder, I included a sentence frame for the students to complete.4/5(32).

Check out these writing activities for 2nd grade to give your little writer some valuable and grade-relevant writing practice. Second Grade Writing Activities. Here's an authentic writing task that is perfect for Earth Day, or any day!

Explore Rachael Fry's board "2nd Grade - th Day" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about day of school, th day and days of school. 2nd Grade - th Day. Collection by Rachael Fry. 40 Day activities: Cute Day of school writing activity.

Hundred Day Hoopla! SunnyDays PM 25 comments. It seriously took ALL day! You can see the list of activities on the ticket. Most of them are self explanatory, but I'll elaborate a bit more on some.

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons. Place Value Party 1 day ago Doodle Bugs Teaching. From the Pond VIP Club 2 days ago Frog .

100 day writing activities 2nd grade
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