Being an adult has both advantages and disadvantages

Finally, there is the fact that going back to school as an adult means that you can take some time to do something for yourself: Buying cigarettes and lottery tickets all by themselves.

I enjoyed the hype, and I will continue to enjoy it until the day I turn It was exciting, and nerve racking all at the same time. Personally, I always wished I was the only child in my family. Three advantages of being a parent: A celebrity status can attract too many fake friends.

The child gets used to having everything done, managed, taken care of - by their parents. Many parents are spread way too thin, and they suffer by missing sleepnot having time for exercise, and having neglected marriages that end in divorce.

There may be many who may feel no stress at all and are able to take this pressure, real or perceived, within their stride.

Articles The Advantages of Being an Adult Learner In education, we talk a lot about how people learn, particularly children. As an only child, you would also be watched with an eagle eye by your parents and this may be quite suffocating and stressful for you.

This is a situation in which the parents lavish their love, attention, resources on this one child of theirs, and as a result, the child becomes spoilt and, well, behaves like a "Little Emperor.

Just by telling people I was 18, they automatically treated me like an adult.

Send Email Cancel Turning 18 is legally the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. University and college have the same problem: It is no fun having a sibling like this, who hoards the attention of your parents, who in the eyes of your parents can do no wrong and is doted upon to no end, often at your expense.

As an adult learner, you can shed much of this grief and start to utilize your learning style to your benefit. They may be forced to live in their own little secluded world, and will generally be unable to do things that the average Joe can.

When you parents are no longer around, not having a sibling to talk about things with or look up to for any kind of help or support can be quite a disadvantage. For a person who has trouble filling his or her time, having a child might be the answer. Then again, there may be a lot of you who know exactly what I am talking about, so there you have it - each individual would have a very unique experience and a very unique answer to whether being an only child is an advantage or disadvantage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Only Child

Adults are expected to fully comprehend the difference between right and wrong. Do feel free to share your personal experiences! You are allowed to purchase a home, manage your finances and be forced to have jury duty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity

If Arnold Schwarzenegger heads out for a ride on his motorcycle on a sunny day, pictures of him are going to be splashed in the tabloids.What is the biggest disadvantage of being an adult?

Update Cancel. The biggest disadvantage, being an Adult? What are some advantages and disadvantages of being adults and children? What are some examples?

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Is life a dream or reality? What is it like to grow up an orphan?


Jan 05,  · Being a celebrity or simply being famous has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read about them in this mint-body.coms: The Advantages of Being an Adult Learner. In education, we talk a lot about how people learn, particularly children.

There have been many studies done on learning styles, multiple intelligences, how important creative learning is, the shoving aside of the arts, the. Being 18 has many pros, but there are also cons to this extra freedom.

As I said before, it is the legal end of childhood and beginning of adulthood. If you choose to be a criminal, you are now fully responsible for yourself and can be charged as an adult.

Jan 27,  · in my opinion,there will be both advantages and disadvantages being an only child! Excellent! great points of view the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Only Child. I found many good ideas in here.

I would have not tolerated any of this. MY poor adult kids have scars from the living hell I had with their father, and I blme myself Reviews: What Adult Bullying Does to You and How to Overcome It. Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Childfree Everything has both of them.

The thing to do is weigh both sides and see what fits.

Being an adult has both advantages and disadvantages
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