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This is the same pocket chart shown above and I probably used it for at least 10 years before having to replace it with a new one.

I used an overall pocket chart to display this information. Outside of my classroom I have made a five foot Moonbear using my overhead.

After reading the book, students write their response to this question: Do your students grumble every time you mention the words book reports?

Book report bulletin board title Did You Learn? They could plan a lively interaction, a la and Ebert and Roeper, about the book, which could be videotaped for all to see! Winter English Teaching Resources: Questions Write ten questions based on the book. The ideas appeal to many different learning styles.

You can find the free download link for this free "Be S. See talk bubble samples 1talk bubble samples 2 for enlarging. Each student writes a movie script for a favorite scene in a book just read.

Each student composes six to eight questions to ask a main character in a book just completed. They were instructed to include the following: The students can then share the picture books with a group of young students. Glossary and Word Search.

I would recommend this book because Using Technology.

Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Green - Homework Not Done: I divide my spelling words into three groups: Who was your favorite character in the book? I will put a coffee can below it, full of different color paper strips, cut about 7"x2", but not all the same size. Then the student creates a word search puzzle that includes the glossary words.

The newspaper page might include weather reports, an editorial or editorial cartoon, ads, etc. I display my classroom calendar pocket chart next to my creative writing prompts pocket chart in my classroom. This is a photograph from a different school that I worked at.

You can find curated collections of high-interest fiction and non-fiction texts at Steps to Literacy. Use this activity to supplement a class lesson in descriptive prose writing.

They will have fun being newspaper editors and writing articles, cartoons, and timelines based on the famous people that they have read about in their books.

The piece might also include information about events, traits, or conflicts in the book that involve that character. At the beginning of the school year, I post these "S.

The trees were made with construction paper and cardboard. Michelle shelstan email-removed Be sure to visit our Fall page for some great reading board ideas. You will find ideas for over 20 different book report projects on this page of Unique Teaching Resources. Write a Letter to the Author. Students might even rate the book using a teacher-created five-star rating system.

Steps to Literacy offers inclusive and differentiated collections of age and developmentally appropriate books and resources that engage students and foster a love for reading within each of them.

The student closes the presentation by offering an opinion and recommendation about the book. Five of the questions can be about general content, but the other five must require more thinking.Classroom bulletin board displays and ideas for teachers from Unique Teaching Resources.

On the first day of school, I have no student projects to showcase on my bulletin boards. For their last book report activity in June, students design their own projects. Below is a classroom bulletin board display featuring my students' reading.

fun book reports for first grade 99 best Reading Bulletin Board Displays, Activities, and Book. 25 + Fun Book Report Project Ideas For Students. Shown here: star, rocket, main character body, main character birthday cake, cheeseburger, castle, turtle, main character body, movie camera, butterfly, and house.

This nonfiction book report sandwich fills the plate! Title for bulletin board: “Main Dish: Main Idea!” I include a scoring rubric and small standards posters for you to include with your bulletin board display.5/5(1). (BOOK REPORT) "Serve Up a Slice of Good Reading" is a fun title for a pizza book report project and reading bulletin board display.

Underneath each slice of pizza, students can write about a part of their stories. Fresh Ideas for Creative Book Reports. Tired of the same old book report formats? Students stapled together their sandwich layers, then slapped their concoctions up on a bulletin board headlined "We're Hungry for Good Books!" The project made fun out of what can be a pretty hum-drum activity.

Even better, the bulletin board served as a.

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Book report bulletin board title
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