Chapter 27 history quiz

The demands of total war in the Soviet Union had encouraged independent initiative and relaxed Communist oversight, a development that Stalin ruthlessly reversed through increased repression, increased production goals, and a still more radical collectivization of agriculture.

When, inthe Soviets blockaded Berlin, situated more than miles inside the Soviet zone, the United States responded by staging Operation Vittles, an ongoing airlift that supplied the residents of Berlin with food and fuel into the spring of The Marshall Plan aimed to provide food, equipment, and services to war-devastated Europe.

Inthe Soviet Union created regional economic organizations in order to facilitate economic cooperation between the Soviet Union and its satellite countries.

Yuri Gagarin caused great concern in the United States. From toa wave of anti-Communist hysteria that included book burnings and investigations of over six million people spread over Which of the following was not a goal of the European Economic Community the Common Market in the s?

When it was coined, the term second world referred to the Soviet Union and its socialist allies. What did he do to become famous?

The Nuremberg trials against Nazi war criminals, held in the fall ofled to either execution or long-term prison terms for some The Allied victors all believed that one of their tasks in occupied Germany was ideological reorientation, a task that Stalin accomplished through the confiscation and redistribution of land, particularly the estates of wealthy Germans.

In his policies toward the Soviet Union, Truman was tougher then Roosevelt, cutting off aid as soon as the war ended.

Chapter 27: Republican Resurgence And Decline

Many Jewish concentration camp survivors returned to their countries in Europe to find that anti-Semitism was still strong in popular opinion, and they received very little help in returning to postwar life.

One reason World War II was more destructive in Europe than the World War I was that armies in World War II had fought a war of movement, leveling thousands of square miles of territory, a development already foreshadowed in part by the use of tanks at the close of World War I.

Which of the following was not a reason that various European governments developed welfare states?Chapter 27 Quiz.

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Chapter 27 history quiz
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