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The Philippine Claim over the Spratly Group of Islands Essay Sample

The Philippines sent a military contingent to occupy some of the islands in Yet, at the same time, Vietnam aligns itself with India October 13, to explore the South China Sea for oil and natural gas.

The Philippines base their claims of sovereignty over the Spratlys on the issues of res nullius. The newly established Philippine government Foreign Minister Qurino advocated on 23 July that the new Southern Islands a term used by the Japanese for all the islands in the South China Sea should be given to his country.

They also held a take-over ceremony. They were qualified as archipelagic states. If we use the proximity basis, many isolated islands in Sulu Sea are much closer to Borneo than to the Philippines, should the Philippines give these islands to Malaysia or Brunei?

If they are not connected, ships have a right of transit passage. Moreover, the Japanese awarded the territory to the Philippines during the World war.

Navy have also ordered some Conclusion about spratly island essay secret missions there. They have a maritime area ofsquare kilometers and an insular area of about hectares.

The outermost of our archipelago are connected with straight baselines and all waters inside the baselines are considered as internal waters. The archipelagic doctrine is now incorporated in Chapter IV of the said convention.

Was the Spratlys res nullius before any Filipino claims?

Philippines Claim in Spartlys Essay Sample

Asean members, noting the danger of the dispute, should initiate a move, with the support of China and Taiwan, to refer the matter to the court. This would help in diversifying a countrys energy portfolio while making them less vulnerable to foreign oil and gas markets. The extended continental shelf, by Article 76 defined that the continental shelf was brought out by the difference in topologies.

So, which of these reasons is the real motive for the dispute? Implications for the Spratly Islands Dispute For these reasons, the country that ends up claiming territorial ownership over the Spratly Islands also gains control of most of the South China Sea.

More essays like this: However, this approach breeds distrust as countries immediately place heir national sovereignty first by creating overlapping yet contradictory agreements. What is needed for the resolution of this dispute is multilateral talks by all the parties involved in the conflict.

Spratly Island History Essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. These countries have a long sea-faring history, however, it has been tremendously difficult to say which country first inhabited or used these islands.

This was the first indication of the interests in the Spratly Islands from the Philippines government. Even China is a signatory in these and they even agree with this together with the United Nations. The pursuit of an private and official claim to the Spratly Islands should be held to be a violation of international law and a provocation to China.

The Spratly Islands are within the archipelagic territory of the Philippines. This would not only establish a mutual foundation of understanding, but also send a message to the countries involved that there is a willingness to compromise and work together.

Since then Taiwan sent troops to the Islands to patrol the Spratly Islands and stationed on Itu Aba Island to prevent further such allegations.

They immediately sent telegraphs to Nanjing to report on their arrival and later stationed on the Itu Aba Island. In the wake of the continuing Spratly Island disputes between China and Vietnam among othersmany still wonder why these small group of islands are so important?The Philippine Claim over the Spratly Group of Islands Essay Sample The Philippines claims Spratly Islands as one of the territories of the islands of Spratly’s are rich in natural resources such as oil and natural gas.

Free Essay: 1. Intoduction Spratly Islands is made up of over a islands, shoals and reefs. The land area is less than 5 square kilometers right at the. The Sultanate State of Sulu is the legal owner of the Spratlys Archipelago but since the Sultan Kiram turnover his territorial and proprietary rights of the State to the Republic of the Philippines including the Palawan and the Spratlys in ’s, then legally it belongs to the Philippines - Spratly Island History introduction.

Archipelagic Bases. The Spratly Islands dispute can be looked at from a variety of angles. In terms of national security, these islands are important due to their location in the South China Sea, where many merchant ships pass through to deliver goods, people, and energy products to Asian-Pacific countries.

Below is an essay on "Spratly Islands" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Spratly Islands are the seaway passed by many ships trading across the region and continent. Philippines Claim in Spartlys Essay Sample.

Area of Present Philippine Claims.

The Philippines began to lay its claim over the Spratly Islands in s.

Conclusion about spratly island essay
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