Csc 302 practice midterm

Sophomore Required Support Dec Matlab is a really straightforward programming environment, and the material is presented slowly. It just seems like he is a noob at teaching and its unfair to the students.

It is easy to make silly mistakes on the day of the midterm so be sure to study. By the time most people noticed, there would be a wall full of writing that we were racing to jot down.

Reading the book is enough to pass the class, but to do well in it you need to spend some time programming.

For the difficulty of the class, Voelker is a great professor. Cracks some hilarious marks at others. Was a cool class but hard to earn a good grade. Most classes were a minute lecture and the rest of the period was spent working on labs.

The only way to learn anything is to read the book. But I did see a very significant rise in his abilities to portray the material clearly in class as the year progressed He is still learning MATLAB himself and could tell that he REALLY cared about teaching us the material so that we could use it in future classes.

Lecture 12 - Requirements Analysis

Practice writing out your code by hand a few times to prepare you for the midterms. He will NOT accept late labs under any circumstances, so be prepared! There is no partial credit and he has zero leniency. For his midterms Pf. I wouldnt recommend him. Voelker likes to give his students written exams.

Sophomore Required Support Nov kvoelker is horrible. I would have to say that Kurt is a very smart guy when it comes to programming but he is not so great at presenting it to engineers. His grading system is complete bull shit. Luckily, Matlab is pretty simple to figure out, the book is actually quite useful buy it!

If you have a question, Voelker is open during OH although he does tend to mega-ramble, so have an escape planned or you can find him during the open lab portion of the class when he tends to step outside the class and do who-knows-what on his computer.

Sophomore Required Support Apr Voelker is boring and useless. His midterms are completely unfair, he has a grading system that makes no sense. So what do you value more, learning or grades? But on the other hand he is not very lenient when it comes to grading Does tend to ramble in person or in class, which gets boring fast.

Junior Required Support Aug Computer science is a very powerful subject but this Neanderthal delivers it horribly. On my first midterm I forgot a period on two problems and used parenthesis instead of brackets on another and it brought my grade down two letter grades.

Avoid him if you can. Try to avoid making eye contact with Voelker during class or he will come over and distract you for ten to fifteen minutes.

You do all your learning from the books. The class is 2 hours and he spends the first hour sitting at his computer doing his own thing and the rest of the class works on their assignment. Required Support Nov He is a teacher that doesnt teach.1 of 7 CSc Sample Midterm Exam #2 1.

While Loop Simulation For each call of the method below, write the value that is returned: def mystery(i, j). View Notes - Practice Mid Term from CSC at University of Rhode Island.

CSC Midterm Practice Exam CSC Practice Midterm NAME_ Part I. CSC Engineering Large Software Systems page 1/8 Faculty of Arts and Science University of Toronto Midterm Test Department: Computer Science Instructor: Steve Easterbrook Date and Time: am, Thurs 28th Feb, Conditions: Closed Book Duration: 50 minutes This test counts for.

CSC Midterm – PRACTICE DRAFT - 4 - - 4 - Page 4 ESSAYS. 25 points each. I suggest that you be clear and concise in your answers, but state any.

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CSC302: Engineering Large Software Systems

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Csc 302 practice midterm
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