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Rye provides a spicy almost peppery character. Augustus Amber Ale A reddish, amber color. Instead of raspberry syrup real raspberries are used when brewing this beer. Clean, almost spicy, medium bitterness with high hop flavor. Dry flavor with medium to high hop character and maltiness.

Back then, we were the exception, not the rule. Very crisp for an ale. Amber in color with a medium hop flavor, and strong caramel malt character.

Inwe expanded into the craft beer business. There is also a slight spiciness from the chocolate rye malt. Medium hop character with strong barley malt flavors. This is a very aggressive beer for one so light in color.

Our Commitments We have made a commitment to the environment: It has low hop character and flavors of barley and wheat. We have a specials menu that changes bi-weekly. Black Sky Porter A dark, roasted or coffee flavored, unfiltered ale with medium bitterness and hop character.

It is brewed as a normal sweet stout, then over 20 gallons of a special blend of coffee from millcreek coffee roasters is added. We provide excellent food value by design.

Rich malty tones and hints of chocolate and carame. Things have changed, now more restaurants are from scratch or say they are but we believe we do it better.

Light hints of smoke flavor. Holiday Raspberry Stout 3. Summertime Kristalweizen A light, crisp, filtered wheat beer. Our approach is less formulaic, a little offbeat. Latter Day Stout 3. Stupid Blonde Ale 3. Little to no hop flavor or aroma with low bitterness.

We have been guided by the belief that we can do it our way, break some of the rules and give our customers a great experience.

Desert Edge Brewery at The Pub

All the Way Alt 3. Anniversary Amber Ale Amber colored, unfiltered pale ale. We craft our beers to be a little more aggressive in terms of hops but maintain an appropriate balance for the many different styles we brew.To find out which businesses are making a difference, browse the full list below or use the filters to narrow the list down.

Desert Edge Brewery nutrition facts and nutritional information. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for Desert Edge Brewery and over 2, other foods at Come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with an exquisite dessert, also see the menu and orders option online, as well as our location and working hours.

The Red Butte Cafe S Foothill Dr. Salt Lake City, UT The Pub at Desert Edge Brewery Trolley Square Salt Lake City, UT Martine Cafe 22 E S, Suite Salt Lake City, UT Check out the menu for Desert Edge Brewery at The menu includes lunch & dinner, late nite, brewery, lunch and dinner, and /10().

Living in Utah Things to do. Live music. Cultural. Restaurants. Desert Edge Brewery. Squatters. Red Rock Brewing Company. The Bayou.

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Wasatch Brewery. UPSCALE RESTAURANTS. Bambara.

Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology. University of Utah. Eccles Institute of Human Genetics.

Desert edge brewery nutrition
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