Ecological imbalance in nature its causes and remedies

For more than one hundrend years, the number of trees on the planet has plummeted, resulting in devastating consequences such as biodiversity losssoil erosionspecies extinction, global warming, and interference with the water cycle.

Growth can also be effected by hormonalimbalances in the body. During the first two decades of planning i. These synthetic materials can last for years and cannot be decomposed by decomposers.

A major part of this loss took place in the last 50 years alone. Resource extraction, hunting, and fishing for food, pets, and medicine threatens many species. In other terms it is known as greenhouse effect. Mining activity is also polluting water resources as the rain waters, passing through mineral wastes, are flowing into rivers and streams.

Overpopulation simply means more pollution and fast extraction of natural resources compared to how they are being replaced.

The removal of trees has led to the degradation of environment and biodiversity. This radiation gets converted to heat and causes global warming. This often causes over-exploitation of the natural resources, and contributes to environmental erosion.

Reduction in air quality is responsible for more thandeaths annually and millions of chronic diseases. Can hormonal imbalance cause false pregnancy test? How does homeostatic imbalance cause disorders?

She is taking a mood stabilizer and that helps some but does not prevent episodes entirely. In the first place many would opine that forests should be conserved for upcoming generations to benefit from.

But these Gigantic dams have displaced crores of tribal people, drowned million hectares of rich forest areas, failed to prevent and control floods and often created destructive flash flood in the downstream valley.

Did you know that the year is announced as the year of Biodiversity? Besides, it is a widely recognized fact that fire wood as fuel is the most pollution producing material.

The major portion of increasing salinity affected areas lies in the Indo-Gangetic plains of U. The inadequacy basic survival resources and lack of quality of food is the direct result of environmental degradation in the regions. They tend to deforest for fuel wood production leading to large tracts of forest land becoming barren.

Landfills One of the calamitous effects of landfills is the destruction of nearby environmental health together with its ecosystems.What is Environmental Degradation?

What Is the Definition of Ecological Imbalance?

Environmental degradation comes about due to erosion and decline of the quality of the natural environment. It is caused directly or indirectly by anthropogenic activities that extract various environmental resources at a faster rate than they are replaced, and thus depleting them.

Causes of Environmental. May 16,  · Environmental Issues. There are certain issues and problems that are related to ecological imbalance. These are problems that have evolved because of the disruption of ecological equilibrium.

Probably, there are three major problems which effects of imbalances in the ecosystem: mint-body.coms: What is an ecological imbalance?

How does it occur? Update Cancel. How does ecological imbalance occur in nature? How does ecological imbalance cause poverty? Why does postural imbalance occur? How does an osmotic imbalance occur?

What is the meaning of ecological imbalance? Ecological Imbalance: Factor # 1. Degradation of Land and Soil Erosion: The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India has reported about the serious problem of land degradation and soil erosion as given in Table The Ecological Imbalance is caused due to a natural or human-caused disturbance which disrupts the natural balance of an ecosystem.

A disturbance is basically any change that causes a disruption in the balance of an ecosystem. Deforestation: Causes and Effects on Ecological Balance.

CAUSES OF DEFORESTATION. Hydrological – Water cycle in the nature gets affected by deforestation. Trees pull up ground water with the help of their roots and then release the water vapour into the atmosphere.

What is Environmental Degradation?

If trees are reduced, the water vapour content in the .

Ecological imbalance in nature its causes and remedies
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