Essay on importance of unity in the muslim world

The "Satanic West" and "Evil Israel" feature prominently in our tirades. For that reason, all Muslims, as individuals, communities, associations or nations, should make this unity their goal, and they should reject everything which might harm this unity. We expect from divine mercy that the Arab communities will integrate with each other and form a great union like that of the United States of America, and establish a great unity among Muslims in half or in most of the world, as in the old times, by emancipating them from captivity.

The thought that "I am a human, all humans are my brothers and sisters" symbolizes unity. Israel oppresses the Palestinians; America intervenes and occupies Afghanistan and Iraq, and Syria mass murders its people, but the Muslim countries with their combined populations of 1. A single person can be easily distracted or attacked.

If and when misunderstanding arises it must be talked out without beating around the bush. There was a strong intent to integrate the conquered populations and many in the territories wished to become Muslim due either to conviction or to financial incentive.

The security of a nation depends upon the integrity and harmony among its citizen. Most of the important international trade - routes pass through the Mediterraneanthe red seathe Arabian Seathe northern Indian ocean and the western pacific ocean.

Economic cooperation, exportation and importation will save them from dependence on the Western countries.

Why is unity important?

Unity helps to avert wars. Most of the world oil reserves are in lands of Muslims. It can make them progress. These events have removed the obstacles to Islamic unity to a degree. Once, the Muslims were the greatest power in world politics.

More people agreeing on something and standing together can result in more strength than one person will have alone. A Handbook of Politics, Religion, Cultureat present the religion of more than 1 billion people all over the world. It just happens that track record of violence and repression is better for Islamic Empires.

The Islamic countries should establish an economic unity among themselves. History records numerous events which bear witness to the fact that 16 self-sacrificing people in true brotherhood have obtained the moral strength of more than people.

I negotiate these words first with you because you were the masters and imams of all the Islamic communities and you were the fighters of Islam. There were no Indonesians fighting alongside the native American tribes against the European colonists.

Unity helps in strengthening relationships. But today the situation is the exact opposite. Nothing can be achieved without unity. The proverb unity is strength tells us that "united we stand, divided we fall".

The communities and nations which claim service to Islam should ignore simple and little tensions among themselves and should adopt a common strategy against their enemies which attack them as a united front.

Importance Of Muslim Unity Essays

Why is Muslim important? Unity is essential to maintain peace in the world. Similarly, Muslim countries will not attain salvation by waiting for noble Westerners to solve their problems, or by constantly complaining and asking for more aid, investment and visas.Essay on importance of muslim unity as the main topic of universities essay with real estate hypothesis.

Neoteny provides infants with higher education to inquire into the cultural and cultural character of interventions would include conflict prevention through the creation of the european university association, council for the world a closer look.

20 Jan Essay on the Importance of National Unity and Strength. Different On the other hand, Pakistan is an Islamic republic and our religion Islam teaches us unity and Essay On Improvement Of Muslim Unity co-operation.

Here are suggestion to improve Essay On Improvement Of Muslim Unity national unity. Unity of Muslim Essay. National Unity means unity and unanimity among the people of India. India is sovereign, secular, socialistic democratic Republic.

It is a vast country with a vast population.

The Necessity and Importance of Islamic Unity

It is a country in which people speak different languages and profess different religions. The Hindus, Muslims and Christians live here together. Importance Of Muslim Unity Muslim of the whole world are passing through a very critical and hard period now a days.

This is a time for Muslim of the whole world to get united with each other. Every Muslim in the west. According to the verses of Quran, the holy book of Islam, muslims all over the world should make a unity and avoid disunity. Only the nbsp; Essay on Problems of Islamic World – Ilmi Hub under the question, Common Wealth of Muslim Countries, Essay on Muslim Ummah, Essay on Unity of Muslim World and nbsp; MUSLIM UNITY IS NEED OF THE HOUR – Islamic Research Foundation through observing our religious.

Essay on importance of unity in the muslim world
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