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The weapons may be baseball bats, tire irons, spiked wrist bands, a pipe, "martial arts" weapons, knives, "look alike" pellet guns, and guns.

The first step is to recognize there is a gang problem. Always report crimes as soon as they occur. Working with school and law enforcement officials aid in eliminating the anonymity that allows gangs to grow.

These photos may show members displaying hand signs, weapons, colors, clothing styles, or flashing money. When a young kid gets involved with gang activity their personality changes in a bad way. It may be expensive or inexpensive. Some kids are searching for attention and when a kid joins a gang they get plenty of attention.

If parents observe more than one indicator, they should talk to their child about their concerns. Parents and the community should be aware that youths involved with gangs commonly carry weapons.

This includes murder, assaults with deadly weapons drive by shootings, and batteries. Gangs use graffiti to let the community know they exist, to mark their territory, to make statements about their gang, or to Essays about gangs challenges to other gangs.

Most parents are not aware that if a crime is gang related, the violator will not only be prosecuted for this crime, they can also be charged with criminal gang enhancements.

Gangs will have a name or common identity. Some gang members devise hand signals to communicate with other gang members. Getting high seems appealing to many students but with the excitement of getting high comes the responsibility of buying and selling the drugs. Black clothing may be worn by a variety of gang associated youths.

Belt buckles, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, earrings, and rings are all commonly used. Parents can be subjected to heavy financial bills for legal services, medical treatment, jail housing, and restitution to victims.

Some gang members wear dice earrings to show the "set" they are associated with. People who recognize the problem are better equipped to address the issue with their child, as well as not becoming victims of gang crimes.

Addictions attract young kids to this lifestyle to keep themselves supplied with drugs. Inalmost nine out of every ten victims of gang related violence were non-gang members. This can be the simple start of a life of crime because the kids will meet others like they Essays about gangs which will lead them into gang life.

Gang members commit a variety of crimes. These include robbery, burglary, thefts, vandalism, assaults, Essays about gangs, witness intimidation, weapons and narcotic offenses. Crime is a growing concern amongst most cities, and street gangs are behind a lot of the trouble.

The particular color, type of clothing, shoes, hats, or the way the clothing is worn can be a warning sign. The gang may use a name, color, clothing style, tattoos, or other items to identify themselves.

Legitimate groups elect a leader. Photographs may show your child singularly displaying these indicators. So what happens when a kid gets really angry at a principle or teacher, kids can retaliate by rebelling against their rules.

Once it is documented, remove it quickly. There are kids that one might consider a bad crowd, which are the wrong kids to become friends with.

You should discuss any graffiti you find with your child first, then remove it. These young kids feel invincible, almost as if nobody can stand in their way, which can be a big problem to the people who stand in their way.

These types of weapons have been seized from youths involved in gangs in this county.[tags: Youth Gangs Essays] Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Gang Violence - The North Carolina Governor’s crime commission states that there are 1, gangs across the state with a total of 19, members.

The average age of gang membership is 15 years old (Our Initiatives-Gang Prevention). “Once found principally in large cities, violent street gangs now affect public safety, community image, and quality of life in communities of all sizes in. Gangs.

When was the last time you were able to turn on the news and not hear about some sort of violent act? Crime is a growing concern amongst most cities, and street gangs are behind a lot of the trouble.5/5(1).

Free Essays from Bartleby | Juvenile Gangs Introduction Juvenile street gangs are expanding, and evolving into crime that has not been linked to gangs in the.

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Published gangs mirror society’s identity-juvenile gangs are the reflection of the youth on the very society they live in. Almost. Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment.

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