How the attitude to class material and flexibility has impacted my schooling

They also found that females had slightly more positive attitudes than did males, and students who had a friend or classmate with a disability had more positive attitudes than those students without direct contact with students with disabilities.

For example, student projects, school activities, and artwork on the walls can be highlighted. In collaboration with other school personnel they can help to establish school policies that communicate respect, high expectations, and interest in equitable outcomes for all students.

For many of us it feels counterintuitive to allow our students the space to discover solutions as these might not be the ones that we want them to find. Salisbury, Gallucci, Palombaro, and Peck provided recommendations for promoting social interactions between students with and without disabilities.

There is no research to support positive correlations between attitudes about inclusion and attitudes toward students with disabilities; however, given the positive correlation between attitudes toward students with disabilities and attitudes toward mainstreaming, it seems likely that such a relationship might exist.

Additionally, Forlin reported that teachers felt stressed when working with students with disabilities because they did not possess knowledge or feel competent. Heinrichs suggested that schools can help students develop tolerance and respect for differences by teaching empathy and anger-management skills and promoting respect for others via the general curriculum.

Filming a peer assessment or recording a group discussions and uploading to AudioBoo is yet another way of engaging students. In comparing attitudes of various professionals toward students with disabilities, Yuker reported few differences among the attitudes of regular education teachers, special education teachers, administrators, and other educators toward students with disabilities, but he did not state whether their attitudes tended to be positive or negative.

Through watching a teacher interact with a student with a disability, other students not only will learn how to interact with that student e. Technology places the world in the hands of every student inside the confines of your classroom.

Intervening with Students Teachers are being encouraged to help students develop cooperative relationships, and research examining student attitudes toward their peers with disabilities has suggested that contact with students with disabilities might lead to positive attitudes.

Allowing the use of technology in my classroom has freed me from my lesson-plan shackles. Allowing yourself the opportunity to do something new and using technology as the tool can open up a cave of treasures that hooks the attention of the student and once you have that it can lead them anywhere.

In addition to being able to interact cooperatively with each other, students benefit from gaining an appreciation for diversity in general. For all students, negative attitudes and behaviors exhibited by peers can have long lasting effects.

Whether it be through direct services offered to students or in collaboration with teachers, school counselors can help students develop appreciation for students with disabilities and related skills for successfully interacting with them. Finally, by communicating high expectations and providing support, school counselors can help students with disabilities understand that their disabilities should not be reasons to limit their aspirations.

Recent research suggests students and teachers possess somewhat negative attitudes toward students with disabilities, or that they view individuals with disabilities as different from and inferior to individuals without disabilities Gething et al.


Allowing students to unholster these weapons is a liberating experience for both teacher and student. This article provides an overview of factors to consider in creating positive school experiences for students with disabilities and suggestions for intervention efforts.

Salend identified a number of methods for assessing the attitudes of regular education students toward students with disabilities, including sociograms, direct observation, and formal attitude assessments. Nevertheless, assessing student attitudes is important prior to implementing any school-based intervention.parental status.

Thus, the class issue cannot be merely defined in terms of economic power or social influence. Class may be correctly referred to as the status an individual or group achieves by virtue of its economic strength, the influence among other groups, and the power to affect change in its community of choice.

Is the owning class the only class of people who have power? While most economic and political power is concentrated at the top of the class spectrum, not all power is in the hands of the wealthy.

Other people have the power of community, the power to survive, the power of faith and of organizing, the power of working creatively to change systems. Class of Their estimates suggest some variation, with males obtaining a 15% increase the value of skills and schooling has grown since 5 0 0 2 EFA Global Monitoring Report 40 / CHAPTER 2 It is well established that the distribution of personal incomes education of each individual has the possibility of making others better off.

How has technology transformed the role of a teacher? For me lessons seemed to drag so much that I wasn't engaged in the subject material.

How the attitude to class material and flexibility has impacted my schooling

I'm proud to say that I became a teacher in spite of. The activities in this section seek to teach participants about the importance of enthusiasm and a positive attitude in the workplace. Participants will hear strategies for turning negative thinking into positive thinking and displaying and discussing enthusiasm during an interview and on the job.

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How the attitude to class material and flexibility has impacted my schooling
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