Is grendel evil

Is Grendel Evil?

He basically tells Grendel that God does not actually exist and that all that humans live by is nonsense. Ethics is a wide field of philosophical study to which the core of every question within falls to one side of a blurred line.

So even if a God does exist, I think it is fair, at this point, to say that he is the embodiment of both good and evil. And in the case of an existing power in the form of God, who is presumed to be all which is good, presiding and ruling an organized universe, why then does evil exist? Circumstance and perhaps a confused view of reality allow the monster, Grendel, to conceivably defend his evil beliefs.

It is life which shapes his beliefs and therefore life which dictates ethics, whether dependent on fate or not. In the case of a world ruled by Chaos, evil is a non-existent word or value, rather. The dragon explains that everything that happens is an accident, there is no such thing as fate, and the world is simply a chaotic existence with no order and no higher power.

Who is to say that the death of millions is any worse or better, for that matter, than injuring a cockroach. As a young "monster", Grendel knew nothing other than the cave he lived in and his mother who could not speak any distinguishable language.

That is, to say, not good or evil. Or perhaps even a good thing? Since the world which he sought to embrace, rejected him, he is forced to make a decision. It is in this moment that Grendel forms his first opinions of existence; the outside world does not seem to embrace good as he does.

On the left, is evil; that which is the cause of most human misery, and prevents peace on earth. The prosaic response of "without evil, there is no good" no longer holds any validity in this argument as the admitted goal of good is to reach an existence without evil.

As a result of his interaction with humans and of course the dragonhe develops a sort of wisdom and philosophy of life and existence. In a one-way conversation he has with his mother after the incident Chapter 2Grendel says, " the world resists me and I resist it.

The transition which he undergoes to become evil is due to misunderstandings between himself and humans and also meeting with a dragon who is questionably evil.

The mountains are what I define them as. Under this reasoning, there is no definition of good or evil and, in fact, no right or wrong.

In order to better understand evil, using Grendel as a guide, I intend to attempt to justify it. His meeting with the mystical dragon is what helps to guide his decision towards the side of what is defined as evil. Since there is no evidence that any omniscient, eternal being actually organized a faith dedicated to itself and especially for the fact that no such being exists in the society of a creature such as Grendel with no society within which he belongs ; I will say that no God has any power over Grendel he has not been told that one even exists.

He was a playful creature who seemed to be like a "blank slate" and had no thoughts of that which he could not touch or see.

For Grendel, there is no reinforcement of which ethics, good or evil, he should abide by and therefore he is able to make a more honest decision of which way to live.

They have false beliefs which they themselves, at times, doubt but create stories to make their beliefs seem realistic. And if humoring those who would answer the previous question with the response that there can be no good without evil, then can we assume that evil is simply a subsection of a defined good?

Within the society which humans have created and live in, there are certain ideals which are reinforced actively by written law and organized religion. He must choose between a self-exile in which he would live a life separate from the humans with which he shares the ground which they walk on, or to take form as a God himself and seek punishment for those who wronged him, essentially, Hrothgar the King of the Scyldings.Grendel: Evil Essay Words | 4 Pages.

In the novel, Grendel by John Gardener, Grendel is a human-like creature capable of rational thought as well as feeling emotions. Early on in the story Gardener depicts Grendel as being very observant, critical and somewhat spiteful of the world around him.

Good vs. Evil in John Gardner's Grendel Essay - Good vs. Evil in John Gardner's Grendel John Gardner's novel Grendel gives the reader a new perspective on the classic "good vs. Evil" plot. From the start of the book the reader can tell that there is something very unique about the narrator.

Is Grendel Evil or Victim to Circumstance?: How humanity has a tendency to put labels on people they don’t really understand. In the epic of Beowulf, one of the warrior’s biggest adversaries is a creature from the swamp named Grendel. You might think that Grendel would be chockfull of moments when the forces of good are pitted against the forces of evil—but think again.

Gardner wants to turn what we understand about good and evil on its head on their heads (this is a novel about Grendel, after all), so prepare yourself for a lot of gray area. On the left, is evil; that which is the cause of most human misery, and prevents peace on earth. In John Gardner's book Grendel, the retelling of the ages old story Beowulf, further blurs the line between good and evil.

Circumstance and perhaps a confused view of reality allow the monster, Grendel, to conceivably defend his evil beliefs.4/4(1).

The Evil of Grendel 4 Grendel is a monster that represents evil in society because God guides Beowulf to defend the Danes against Grendel as against an enemy of God.

Since God is the source of all good, especially for the early Christians, any enemy of God is evil.

Is grendel evil
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