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Significantly, the documentary demonstrated the dynamics of checks and controlled implemented to control trade within the local and international markets. Demanding short-term repayment of the debt, they insisted that costs be cut in exactly those sectors that could support long-term development: Additionally, the film calls on Americans and Europeans to wake up to the realization of globalization and demand change within their home countries.

Here, as in Puerto Rico and most other Caribbean islands, post-independence attempts at industrialization have fallen apart. While it relies heavily on the informed narration of Jamaica Kincaid based Life and debt analysis her "A Small Place" and interviews with former leftist Prime Minister Michael Manley and radical economics professor Michael Witter, the true stars of the movie are the farmers and working people of Jamaica who not only understand what is going on in class terms, but can explain it eloquently.

For instance, the narrator examines the chicken business that has since been unable to continue operating as a result of poor quality chicken being dumped in the country. The only industries that now thrive in Jamaica are tourism, coffin-making, and the training of guard dogs. If you lose your culture, then you lose part of your identity.

Not only would Jamaica have to tighten its belt, it would have to open up its doors to foreign imports by eliminating all protectionist measures that favored local industry and farming.

The stronger economies progressively take advantage of the weaker economies by ensuring that they flood their markets with cheaper products at the expense of local production; hence economic development and growth are stifled as is the case of Jamaica.

The development of mutually Life and debt analysis trade relationships between countries is critical; however, in the case of Jamaica, globalization and subsequent devaluation of its currency has resulted in unfair trade practices that have negatively impacted its economy.

In my opinion, these organizations are only interested in boosting the European and American economies. The drainage of such waste to the ocean exemplifies the deteriorating nature of not only the economic climate but also the declining human conditions in Jamaica.

This documentary particularly resonated with me because of my study abroad experience on South Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Key to its success was a long-term development plan that could have prioritized native infrastructure and resources. Black asks - Why? The trouble is that the rich countries can always beat the poorer ones on the so-called "level playing field," because their greater resources allow cheaper means of production and access to cheaper labor.

However, if a country does not check its economic policies and international trade provisions, it is highly likely to be influenced to implement policies that have an adverse effect on the economy Marks Significantly, trade is among the issues that have been studied and largely addressed in the documentary.

This powerful film is the first to put a human face on what is known popularly as "globalization". Life and Debt, by bringing these realities home to us and by "us" I mean viewers in First World countriesshowing the results of this system on real people who live right next door, helps provide a needed wake-up call.

It starts with a trip to the countryside where local produce farmers explain how potato, onion and carrot imports from the United States have put them out of business. The laborers are unable to negotiate for better wages considering that they are not allowed to form unions that could act Life and debt analysis their behalf.

WTO imposed heavy restrictions on spending, which has made it nearly impossible for Jamaica to support its local businesses. Jamaican dairymen, who have been prosperous for most of their lives and who have provided jobs for their countrymen, show us the abandoned stalls that cows once occupied.

The film shows dairy farmers having to pour thousands of gallons of milk away while their businesses go belly-up. The devaluation of the local currency has significantly increased production costs which make it easier for foreign interests to import the same products at considerably cheap prices.

It could only spend certain percentages on education and social welfare - percentages determined by the IMF or World Bank. If there is any trouble like this, the company can relocate somewhere else, like Ecuador or Mexico, which is exactly what happened in this case. As one farmer puts it in the film, "How can the machete compete with the machine?

Since Jamaica had only recently emerged from colonialism, the economy was vulnerable to begin with. In farming villages that formerly provided livelihoods to virtually every family, there is nothing but unplowed fields and abandoned houses nowadays.

As it turned out, Great Britain had a long-standing trade agreement with Jamaica that favored their banana exports. The possible solutions, which include debt forgiveness and giving a oice to the less powerful nations in the determination of policy, are complex. Poverty, violence and disease skyrocket.

Thus Idaho potatoes drove out Jamaican potatoes, and big American companies were able to come in and buy out local ones. They have caused Jamaica to sink deeper into debt, lose part of its culture, and become dependent on other countries for resources and funds.

While Tourists are depicted enjoying themselves in luxurious hotels, playing games and dancing oblivious to the real situation in the country, the locals are exploited by foreign interests.Film Analysis: Life and Debt The opening scene of Life and Debt begins with travellers getting off a plane and is welcomed in Jamaica.

Parts of the film switches between two viewpoints, hardships faced in Jamaica versus the relaxing, easy life as a traveler.

Life & Debt The documentary Life and Debt portrays a true example of the impact economic globalization can have on a developing country. [tags: economic analysis] Good Essays words ( pages) The United States National Debt Essay - On the Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, there is a national debt clock that shows the amount of.

Life and Debt. Stephanie Black's documentary on Jamaica's economic woes begins with the arrival of a group of exclusively white vacationers into the airport wearing expectant grins on their faces. Life and Debt Response Paper Taylor Sun 9/29/ St.

John's University Globalization has been a controversial topic for decades followed by the industrialization. The debate of whether it is positive or negative for the human race has caused much divergence, consequently leading to vast conflicts between different cultures, nations, and peoples.

Feb 26,  · An Analysis of Life and Debt I had a general understanding of globalization before watching Life and Debt. This knowledge was based on class discussions and readings for my Transnational Feminisms course. Utilizing excerpts from the award-winning non-fiction text "A Small Place" by Jamaica Kincaid, Life & Debt is a woven tapestry of sequences focusing on the stories of individual Jamaicans whose strategies for survival and parameters of day-to-day existence are determined by the U.S.

and other foreign economic agendas.

Life and debt analysis
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