Newspaper article writing assignment rubric creativity

At least 1 corresponding photo per article. Crop pictures to fit the space you have. Using 11pt or 12pt serif fonts such as Times New Roman for the body or copy text. The facts are complete and correct. The article does not conclude abruptly.

Use 3 or 4 columns for tabloid sized newspapers. Layout and Design Tips Insert all your articles first and get them situated well. Leave the same amount of space between textboxes and images as you have between columns. Remember, it is always easier to resize images than it is to resize articles this is why a newspaper is often built around the articles, not the images.

Simple is given to the article. Adjust the column lengths so that all your words are in the textbox.

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A newspaper is primarily about the written articles, so ultimately, you will design and layout your newspaper around your articles. Keep all titles the same fonts and all copy text the same font. So to get an image to fit, crop it. The article contains no grammar errors.

Once you have the articles and images together, insert the articles into the newspaper software first. The facts are incomplete or wrong. Align everything up well. The article contains many spelling errors. To help you with your assignment, we not only have hundreds of templates you can use, but this little tutorial is designed to assist you in your homework assignment.

Having extra white space between articles, titles or columns is not a bad thing.

Expository Writing - Students Create a Themed Newspaper

Otherwise, they will look too fat or too skinny. Does not contain a headline.


Good The article is clear and concise. Fair The article contains a lead but it is not interesting. The article contains only 1 or 2 spelling errors.

Generally, if you must stretch or shrink an image you want to always keep them proportional. Fair The article contains few sentences that are unclear to the reader. The article contains an opinion. Reporting Format The article is more like a short story and not journalistic.Expository Writing - Students Create a Themed Newspaper lesson for expository writing.

The assignment sheet is written in the style of a newspaper as a fun example for students. Includes 8 pages. assignment page; 2 brainstorming / planing worksheets; newspaper article planning page; 3 newspaper templates ; detailed grading rubric; If 4/5().

iRubric UCW: This rubric is to be used to assess a student's final copy of a newspaper article. Free rubric builder and assessment tools. How to get a good grade on your newspaper homework assignment.

How to Write a Promotional Article ; Writing a How-to Article A Newspaper Classroom Assignment – For Students. Okay, your teacher has assigned you to create a newspaper.

To help you with your assignment. Rubric for Newspaper article Criteria 4 3 2 1 0 Factual Information Four or more facts are included in the article.

Three facts are included in the article. Two facts are included in the article. One fact is included in the article. No facts are included in the article. Accuracy All facts are. iRubric R3W2BA: The student will make a newspaper including 5 articles and other features to share a chosen historical topic from the list provided.

Free rubric builder and assessment tools. “ To Build a Fire” Extension Assignment To wrap-up this unit on survival and “understanding the meaning of things,” you will choose one of the writing assignments below and complete the graphic requirement.

I am going to be assessing Rubric for Article Assignment 4.

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Newspaper article writing assignment rubric creativity
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