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Now he has "gone to the other side. As Ivan accustoms himself to propriety, he grows increasingly intolerant to everything that threatens his own comfort and material well-being. Using the protagonist Ivan Ilyich and other characters to symbolize the natural materialism and greed of the human condition, Tolstoy exemplifies the importance of accepting mortality Of ivan ilych essay order to lead a fully gratifying life.

Only shortly before his death does he discover the horror that lies behind his seemingly successful life. If Ivan lived an authentic life, full of love, he would not care of what people thought of him, but his family would be what mattered to him.

When reading about his life on paper this holds true; Ivan married and had children, received a high-ranking position as lawyer, and was generally respected and liked by anyone he met. Ivan bases his existence around selfishness, insincerity, and nonchalance.

Ivan, however, is more than just a misguided character. This genuine life requires separation from material goods and impressive titles so that one may appreciate their physical existence; to do so, one must evidently accept death.

In this separation between his private life, with its potential for affection, and his public duties, he furthers the process of fragmentation within himself. By contrasting many of the self-centered characters with one young peasant boy, Gerasim, Tolstoy demonstrates how acceptance of death creates an authentic reality in which life has meaning and purpose.

It was all about him. Tolstoy illustrates how instinctually humans will first question then deny their mortality as a defense mechanism to the fear they encompass.

His attitudes are superficial and somewhat mean. That isolation terrifies Ivan, provoking serious existential reflection. His early pangs of conscience at youthful actions are overcome when he sees people of good position doing the same thing without qualms.

He rises through the ranks by pursuing the same "ideals" as those of the earthly Court of Justice.

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And as Ivan begins to examine his life, as he questions his existence and the rationale behind his suffering, he slowly begins to see that his life was not as it should have been.

However, Gerasim already holds so much wisdom at such a young age, comfortable with the idea of death. Ivan becomes obsessed with standards of propriety and decorum, the etiquette of the upper class. As Ivan scrambles to avoid the unpleasant, he reduces his personal relationships to shallow, self-preserving simulations.

He becomes punctilious at home as well as at work. The product of this life is the acknowledgment of mortality instead of simply pretending death does not exist.

The dying man was still screaming desperately and flailing his arms. He is a representative figure in a broader moral scheme. The story opens in an unusual but significant way. The ladder, from which Ivan falls, is comparable to the social ladder from which he also falls. His goals are wholly concerned with this world, not with the next.

By tying the fear of death embedded into multiple characters with their egotistical qualities, Tolstoy illuminates how selfishness derives from rejecting our inevitable mortality.

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Ivan, through his time spent with Gerasim, has realized that Gerasim is a true, authentic being. Windows are symbolic of 3 things. Would you call Ivan Ilych, when we first meet him, a religious man? Throughout his life, Ivan maintained those qualities, intently believing that they were vital to his happiness.

Throughout his life he has carefully adjusted his conduct so as to please his superiors and to arrange a life that runs smoothly and without complication. When married life becomes difficult, Ivan adopts a formal, contractual attitude toward his family.

In it, Leo Tolstoy examines the hollowness of bourgeois existence. Because Ivan is sick, Gerasim and Ivan spend lots of time together.Ivan Ilych, from Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilych, is “the most simple and most ordinary” (Tolstoy ) person.

Although a simple life is generally considered a virtue, Ivan's life is simple in the wrong way. Starting an essay on Leo Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilych? Organize your thoughts and more at our handy-dandy Shmoop Writing Lab.

Free Essay: Psychological Importance in The Death of Ivan Illych In The Death of Ivan Ilych Leo Tolstoy conveys the psychological importance of the last. Read Death Of Ivan Ilych essays and research papers. View and download complete sample Death Of Ivan Ilych essays, instructions, works cited pages, and more.

See a complete list of the characters in The Death of Ivan Ilych and in-depth analyses of Ivan Ilych, Gerasim, and Peter Ivanovich. Death of Ivan Ilych Sum up the reactions of Ivan Ilych's colleagues to the news of his death. What is implied in Tolstoy's calling them "so-called friends"?

Of ivan ilych essay
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