Ofsted judgement standards

At the same time it took on responsibility for the registration and inspection of social care services for children, and the welfare inspection of independent and maintained boarding schools from the Commission for Social Care Inspection CSCI.

Ofsted does not have a mandate to inspect the quality of home education. It turned out that Ofsted had made a brief visit to the school some time before the inspection and had come up with some sort of unreported provisional judgement.

Other criticism has come from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers ATL which said "Ofsted is over-reliant on number crunching, using test data which are fundamentally unsound" and added that the organisation was "ripe for overhaul". Schools rated Outstanding or Good might not be inspected again for five years, while schools judged less favourably were inspected more frequently, and might receive little or no notice of inspection visits.

This article is over 3 months Ofsted judgement standards The NAO report shows time spent on inspections diminishing and periods between inspections extending. An overview of specific changes Leadership Inspectors will now consider how well leaders: Although Ofsted claims that most of these have teaching experience, [14] [15] in it was forced to admit that it had done no quality control checks on these inspectors, and that many of them — including lead inspectors — were not qualified teachers and many Ofsted judgement standards no experience of working with children.

The Musical was launched in at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. A new specific focus on the teaching of literacy and maths and how well teaching enables pupils to grasp concepts and deepen their understanding. Public consultation was undertaken, [26] and Ofsted prepared for the new framework after piloting a series of inspections across the country.

The statutory duty on local authorities LAs to identify as far as possible those children not receiving a suitable education does not extend to home-educated children.

Over time, more inspections were carried out by inspectors based in local education authoritieswith HMI focussing on reporting to the Secretary of State on education conditions across the country. It also failed to meet its own target of reinspecting inadequate schools in 78 cases over the same period.

History[ edit ] InParliament agreed an annual grant to the National Society for Promoting Religious Education and the British and Foreign School Societywhich respectively provided Church of England and non-denominational elementary schools for poor children. A good primary school, for example, will be inspected by a single inspector over a day.

A report by the National Audit Office NAO revealed that more than 1, schools teaching tens of thousands of pupils had not been inspected for six years or more, and of those, almost had not seen an Ofsted inspector for at least 10 years.

All HMIs inspecting schools have teaching experience. An adverse report may include a recommendation for further intervention in the running of the school.

Inspection judgements: grade descriptors

Concerns have thus been raised about the continuing accuracy of the judgments on which many parents base their choice of school.

Safeguarding remains a limiting judgement. Schools placed into special measures receive intensive support from local authorities, additional funding and resourcing, and frequent reappraisal from Ofsted until the school is no longer deemed to be failing.

School inspection handbook

Resources are concentrated on underperforming schools, leaving high-achieving schools unchecked by routine inspection, as long as data shows that they are maintaining performance. This contributes to the judgement about the overall effectiveness of the school.

In addition to written comments on a number of areas, schools were assessed on each area and overall on a 4-point scale: The school has campaigned that all schools should be similarly inspected, ensuring openness and accountability for the process.

The schools watchdog is legally required to re-inspect schools every five years, but those judged outstanding — many of which are grammar schools — are exempt from reinspection. In each case Ofsted has offered an explanation.

The report, published on Thursday, shows time spent on inspections diminishing and periods between inspections extending.

Ofsted inspection update: an overview of the changes

Teaching now includes learning and assessment. There are separate handbooks for each of the four remits. Behaviour now includes personal development and welfare. After an inspection of a school, Ofsted published a report on the school on its website.

Hundreds of schools have had no Ofsted inspection for a decade – report

Schools which are failing but where inspectors consider there is capacity to improve are given a Notice to Improve NtI. Previously this was done by local authoritiesbased on their implementation by of the Daycare Standards provisions of the Children Act.

Inspection of teaching, learning and assessment

The details, and limits, of the guidance in relation to home education Child care inspections[ edit ] You can help by adding to it. Where the judgements differ, the lower of the two will determine the overall judgement. Home-educated children are not, by definition, all in need of protection and help.

Teaching, learning and assessment Inspectors will consider the extent to which:Long delay between checks raises concerns that standards may have slipped at many ‘outstanding’ schools Concerns have thus been raised about the continuing accuracy of the judgments on.

– What Ofsted does and does not expect to see during inspection 47 3. school’s inspection judgement might change to ‘outstanding’, ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’, they will trigger a full inspection in order to collect • concerns are raised about standards of leadership or governance.

judgement of ‘grade 3 – requires improvement’ in their most recent Ofsted report. 1. Can we appeal against the Ofsted judgment? A grade 3 Ofsted judgement does not, in and of itself, give the Secretary of State for Education the the floor standards, it is likely that the standards of performance pupils at the school will be.

What are the Ofsted inspection criteria for teaching, learning and assessment?

This article sets out the criteria inspectors will use, and evidence they will consider, when making a judgement on teaching, learning and assessment.

It also includes advice from four of our associate education experts. OFSTED post 16 judgment criteria The standards of attainment of almost all groups of students, given their starting points, are likely to be at least in line with national rates, with many students attaining above th is. In exceptional circumstances, an.

Updated ‘Clarification for schools/Ofsted inspection myths' document: added new information in 'Evidence for inspection section' about attainment, added new sections on performance management, safeguarding, and the curriculum.

Ofsted judgement standards
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