Paper over plastic

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Stray plastic bags can also clog sewer pipes, leading to stagnant, standing water and associated health hazards. These factors have made the question of which is greener mind-boggling. Shoppers have the opportunity to make a choice every time they make a trip to the grocery store: The paper bag making process also results in 50 times more water pollutants than making plastic bags [source: Paper bags are better because they are made from wood, a renewable resource, while plastic bags are made from petroleum.

It takes approximately three tons of wood chips to make one ton of pulp. The process of recycling paper can be inefficient -- often consuming more fuel than it would take to make a new bag [source: The disposal of bags entails additional environmental impacts.

Marine Life Protection According to the Conservation International Organization, plastic litter, which includes plastic bags, kills thousands of marine animals each year. It contends that replacing plastic bags with paper will cause more harm than good to the planet.

Also paper grocery bags are recycled at a higher rate and are reused more frequently, since many home kitchen trash containers are designed with paper grocery bags in mind.

So, retailers and even entire cities are deciding to stop asking the familiar question.

Both come with distinct disadvantages to the environment, which we lay out next. Best still is to bring your own cloth bags or ask store clerks to hand you easily transportable items without bags. Again, the environmental impacts depend on whether the timber was obtained from a sustainably managed forest — most industrial timber products in the U.

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Although plastics do not biodegrade, modern landfills are designed in such a way that nothing biodegrades, because the waste is isolated from air and water in order to prevent groundwater contamination and air pollution.

This additional volume correlates directly to significant increases in the amount of greenhouse gases emissions produced to transport it. Paper is more recyclable, but the paper industry is also one of the 10 most polluting industries according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The total environmental impact depends upon the efficiency of operations at each stage and the effectiveness of their environmental protection measures.

The coalition claims that plastic is just as green as paper or, perhaps more accurately, paper is just as harmful to the environment as plastic [source: Ireland has decreased plastic bag consumption by placing a consumer tax on plastic bags.

The typical plastic shopping bag weighs grams; a standard Kraft paper bag weighs 55 grams.

Paper or plastic — what’s the greener choice?

The Coalition to Support Plastic Bag Recycling claims that the city failed to do enough research into the repercussions of such a ban. This leads to additional waste, waste management and recycling costs.But plastic-bag manufacturers and garbage experts say that in the long run, plastic wins over paper.

“Paper bags are easier to recycle, but they weigh 10 times as much,” says Robert Bateman of. Western is taking steps in September towards becoming a campus free of plastic straws, even as Starbucks works to eliminate single-use plastic straws from all.

Paper or plastic bags: which is better? It's an age old question, when it comes time to check out when grocery shopping: paper bag or plastic bag?It seems like it should be an easy choice, but.

More Asheville restaurants plan on dumping disposable plastic straws several days after coffee giant Starbucks made the same doesn't make sense to have straws, you know, they're.

Once again, the solution is paper, and thanks to Sierra, you can now easily replace plastics with coated paper products and suffer no fall-off in quality. The next time you think you have no choice but to use hard or impossible to recycle plastics in your packaging, think again.

In the debate over "paper vs. plastic" shopping bags, about three in four Americans think paper is the more environmentally friendly choice.

Paper over plastic
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