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My clients were Studio projects c1 thrilled. However, for too long, these Neumanns have been out of reach except for the wealthy and the big studio owners. The press that led to the C1 becoming sort of infamous, was a review from the 01 NAMM show where the writer did a shootout between a U87, and a few other tried and true mics including a Hot Rod Custom 5k U The C1 package ships in a very flimsy flight case with cheap-looking foam inserts.

A little distortion is to be expected, especially in the high frequencies. Alan Hyatt must have filled his answering machine up with my nightime calls raving about his mics.

From the get-go this was clearly a good sounding mic. Not even taking the price of the C1 into consideration, this mic stood up to some rather hefty opponents, and emerged as a contender" That was enough for me, I ordered a pair immediately and have since replaced one that was stolen.

It was and is to date his best selling record. The C1, like the Rode Studio projects c1, proves that the long-standing dominance of the German mic manufacturers is finally reaching a breaking point.

Sibilants notwithstanding, I liked the vocal sound of the C1 better than that of thewhich can be a little nasal-sounding. If you can find an original " audio" Studio projects c1 those are the best of all.

Although I have been very vocal about the overall quality of Chinese import mics, the C1 does not fit that mold. With the mic positioned correctly we were able to get a very usable acoustic guitar sound, with just the right brilliance on the steel strings and not too much bass to muddy up the picture.

Studio Projects C1

The vocal performances sat in the mixes as if they had been compressed and limited and mastered already. I would have greatly preferred a pad and bass rolloff instead of a cheap lunchbox.

But this is probably to be expected. The most rat crap beat piece of junk, when used by someone with "chops" can be that secret ingredient.

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I would suspect also that the C1 would be a great mic on upright bass, horns, and maybe even piano. The flight case, however, is an example of misplaced priorities.

And it should be a real wake-up call to the German mic companies who persist in selling their mics at a premium price.

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Peggi, Pete, Alan, and myself put on the headphones and Peggi started singing into the And that will be a great day for all of us. Frequency response is the expected 20—20KHz. Written by Rip Rowan Originally published May 31, Probably the hottest product to hit the audio world lately has been the Studio Projects line of condenser microphones.

Having had my openmindedness challenged I decided to take the challenge and see if there was something about this mic that justified the hype. ProRec has been quite vocal about the overall quality of the Chinese import mics.

All that being said, however, I can believe one thing for sure: In addition, instruments recorded with the C1 were generally well-behaved. There it was, next to a Neumann U In fact we have openly encouraged our readers to avoid them at all costs and instead buy a mic with a proven reputation.

I tried the mic the very next day. The vocalist was an 18 year old Christina Aguilera-type, big voice, wide range, and many dynamic subtleties to her vocal performances.

To preamplify all four mics in a similar fashion we used a Mackie mixer.

Well, the C1 is here and hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, the potential purchaser will have a choice when they go into a store to purchase a new mic — the Studio Projects line, the Neumann line, or the AKG, Groove Tubes, or other mic brands.

They will have the option of getting a mic with a brand name that their clients will recognize immediately, or a mic that simply sounds great. It is just a good, clean, mid-priced unit that colours the sound very minimally.

Not instead of but next to because of their unique character. The Thing that you have to remember with most musical gear is that every single piece has its own intrinsic sound quality.

Brighter and louder than an AKGmore mid punch than an Audio Technica the C1 straddles the versatility curve like a drunk Texas girl on a mechanical bull. The s and especially the MD2a delivered cleaner, more accurate treble than the C1.

No pad or rolloff is provided, but the mic can handle SPLs up to dB without overload. I started writing rave ups of the C1 on beta forums I participated in, on newsgroups, everywhere.

We started with the usual speech and instrument tests just to hear the mic on various sources.

I immediately called Alan Hyatt and played a little of the just finished recording into his answering machine.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Studio Projects C1 Condenser Microphone, Cardioid at Read honest and.

Studio Projects C1 Cardioid Condenser Microphone.

The C1 is a fixed-cardioid, large-diaphragm FET condenser mic with a transformerless (Schoeps-style) output circuit. I bought a used Studio Projects C1 because it was reasonably low cost (\\\0) and because it had very good reviews on a number of sites.

As a microphone/5(8). Find great deals on eBay for studio projects c1. Shop with confidence. Mods and upgrades for the Studio Projects C1 microphone, including our popular 'U87 EQ' circuit mod that recreates the sound of the U Buy Studio Projects C1 Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone featuring 1" Pressure-Gradient Capsule, Cardioid Pickup Pattern Transformerless Output.

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Studio projects c1
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