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You can keep rewriting. Sometimes you need a trip buddy. Point is, a novel gets bogged by boggy bullshit like heavy description terribleminds writing a book blathering exposition.

Hours of his life, given to you. Possibly I might could maybe sorta be drunk right now. But eventually you have to think about it. Have your novel mean something to you so it can mean something to them. Self-Editing for Everyone Part 4: The hate spiral will kill you in if you let it.

First, new beginnings and early endings — the peaks and valleys of narrative. Most of those other poor sots are going to take a stitching of bullets to the chest and neck and drop dead in the sand, flopping around like a fish, their bowels evacuating.

Combat this in a few ways. The middle is where it gets all gooshy, like wet bread or a sloppy pile of viscera. Your voice is what will get you through. You are not Ronin-Ninja-Without-Clan. What the author did right, what they did wrong--your brain just soaks it up like Kraken rum in a sponge cake.

The number of characters you can have is limited by your ability to make them fully-realized, wholly-inhabited people.

Chuck Wendig

I just made that up. Drive the story over a cliff. It gives me a starting place, a structure. Everything is ass-end up. Do you switch POV or tense? He wants to be invested in the novel and to make his own decisions and reach his own conclusions.

Do you ride by the seat of your pants? Close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades and hobo handjobs. Hopefully not often, but it does: Start on a short story or begin work on your next book.

The reader will get in the game. You whip mashed potatoes too long they get gluey. Find language with movement and motion. Sometimes your best work is your worst, your worst is your best.

Make that fucker dance for his dinner. After all, one must write to have something to edit! Do this through rewriting. Let that free you. Do you like Scrivener or longhand or writing on your bathtub wall in pig blood? Paint in short strokes. Let it all hang out.

Break it into its constituent parts. A novel is a team effort. Build another robot using parts you stole from yourself. Your first draft can and should look like a fucking warzone. Second, keep the pressure on the story and, by proxy, yourself.terribleminds September 13, Amber Fallon has edited a new all-women-author anthology, and here she talks about the impetus for where it comes from: * * * Gather round, humans and nonhuman entities.

I wanted each book to feel as urgent as those crawls.

As for Zahn, he is the master of this role and I'm just a humble pretender to the throne. He had a much bigger job: coming into a galaxy that had been more or less written off. That while writing other books and such, of course.

And I'm writing a book about genetically-modified killer ants right now and that took some research, too -- plus, it takes it as I go and encounter new challenges.

Writing A Novel Is Easy, But Writing A Publishable Novel Is Hard Writing a novel isn’t hard. You throw words on a page, one atop another, until you’ve got a teetering Jenga tower of around 80, of the damn things.

Quick Rules:

A few days ago Delilah S. Dawson wrote a post on Chuck Wendig's blog, Terribleminds, about how she writes a book. It's awesome! I wish I'd read something like it when I was starting out. Delilah concentrates on writing for traditional publishers but a large part of her post is applicable to indie's as well.

Posts about Terribleminds written by Justine and Jilly Wood. I’ve been in the throes of calculating scores for the Diamonds in the Desert writing contest. Believe it or not, writers aren’t very good at math.


to the converted. I’ve had my head down, refused some really tempting social invitations, haven’t read a single new book.

Terribleminds writing a book
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