Terrorism has no religion

All Indians should be with him.

In the search for my own religious identity, I have read the Bible both old and new Testaments cover to cover on more than one occasion.

Since the San Bernardino attacks, we have learned that one of the victims was Muslim. And no religion should be blamed for murder. Some Kings were so fanatic — they destroyed temples and libraries, killed millions of Hindus and converted using force.

You should understand the limitation of the religion in terms of Kala time and Desa location. But a Hindu should stop spreading hate speech. In front of God all the faiths are same. The first time a radicalized Islamist committed an act of terrorism on U.

They have no religion. Although the terrorists in San Bernardino are referred to as Muslims, they are not.

A rather long rationale

In it, he summarises the flimsy empirical basis on which the connection between radical theology and terrorism has been built and the extent to which the burgeoning radicalisation industry, especially in academia, is linked by a revolving door to conservative political lobbyists keen to blame conservative Islam for terrorism.

They have infiltrated into quite lot of students organizations too. For many of the young people who have been persuaded to go off and fight in Syria and Iraq have hardly got past the first chapter of Islam for Dummies.

In the name of social service they exploit the public. Unless, of course, you put the word Islamic first. Abdul Kalam, ex-president of India, who passed away during the same period.

According to a recent study by The New America Foundation, white supremacist groups and radical anti-government groups were responsible for the majority of threats and attacks since September 11x. So terrorists and criminals are among Hindus too. As for Muslims being ordered by Mohammed to kill all nonbelievers, that is not true.

This is what I discovered: Reports said that Nimisha aka Fathima is among 16 persons, who have been missing from Kerala in a suspected case of terror outfit ISIS making inroads into India. It is your Karma to defend your Dharma. The whole point is that Muslims are as much Indians as Hindus.

Instead, we should teach our children about the science of Sanatan Dharma. The name itself is an Arabic word derived from the meaning to surrender or submit. They call out for the persecution of an entire religions, ruin their mouths with racist, Islamophobic and ignorant remarks, only adding to the hatred and brutality in the world.

So, either deserving it or not, there is an important part of the population that sees the West as part of the powers that make their live miserable.

Al-Biruni even divided Hindus into an educated and an uneducated class.

My in-laws, both retired physicians, came to the United States 60 years ago. In some cases they might be politically repressive Egypt, Syria but not necessarily religiously so. In fact, this strategy was not new. Yet The Donald says we should blame Islam and fear Muslims.

The Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris were not done by Muslims. Learn more Newsletter Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up! If your son or daughter goes for social service, try to find out what kind of organization is that? Take up only the best of traditions and culture in the religion.

Incidentally, a year ago, I have got a forward FB message from another hate spreader. He is Indian first. Just compare India with other countries like Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

You shall not kill — GOD has made life sacred — except in the course of justice. Teach them the prayer: Believe me — you cannot seek any police, legal or political help.Terrorism has no religion.

If I could have that tattooed on my forehead (trust me, there is enough room) to suddenly appear in the aftermath of terrorist attacks I probably would. To say, at Terrorism has no religion? Terrorism has no religion.

ये सुना सुना सा लग रहा है ना? हर दूसरे तीसरे महीने किसी आतंकी हमले के बाद यही ब्रह्म-वाक्य सुनने को मिलता है. People have started the #terrorismhasnoreligion hashtag to try and counter anti-Muslim sentiments blaming the whole of Islam for last night’s bloodshed.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a series of attack in Paris last night which killed at least people, including hostages taken at a rock concert and diners eating out at a Cambodian restaurant.

Bangladeshis have taken to the streets calling for justice in light of a spate of deaths in road traffic accidents. The government's response has been to cripple internet services and. Terrorism has no religion, but currently the large majority of terrorists are Muslims Key word here - CURRENTLY!

In every era, there is group of people with some. This makes the public opinion into thinking that Islam by itself is an aggressive religion.

The Moderate Islamists argue that Terrorism has NO religion.

Terrorism has no religion
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