Tesda bartending module

Moving out the equipment Lesson 2: Handling lost and found items. The requirements and steps in applying for assessment and certification as well as the methods used for assessment are found in the TESDA website. Disinfecting and cleaning the bathroom. Students are allowed to proceed with their own learning pace self-pacing.

Texture milk Prepare and serve coffee beverages The lessons in the Bartending NC II program are taught to students through lectures and demonstrations, self-paced instruction and group discussions.

Arranging equipment, tools, and materials.


Patience — you may encounter irritable and demanding clients therefore they must be patient enough to deal with different types of people Technical Skills — the knowledge and ability to learn, operate and control properly and safely an extensive range of equipment, tools and instruments such as refrigerators, blenders and other tools kitchen appliances.

For those who wish to elevate their qualification level may do so by undergoing the assessment and certification process for NC III and IV. Comfortable in serving other people Good hand-eye coordination Endurance — the ability to withstand tiresome work such as serving customers, standing up and walking from one area to another and being in an uncomfortable environment.

The Assessment and Certification process is not required among graduates of vocational courses. Preparing the Housekeeping Cart. What is a Valet Runner? Replenishing the room amenities. Bartending NC II is considered not a difficult program.

The assigned authority will evaluate the student periodically and submit an evaluation form to the assigned TVET trainer.

TESDA Barista / Bartender Training Course and List of Accredited Schools

Modular Instruction is a type of teaching method that follows a specific set of planned learning activities and exercises.

Checking the Housekeeping cart. However, a TESDA certification will give a graduate an advantage since local and foreign companies who hire skilled workers require this credential.

Bartending jobs are considered professional jobs because they require a specialized set of skills that can only be learned through time and practice.

Collecting the soiled linens.TESDA - TESDA provides direction, policies, programs and standards towards quality technical education and skills development. | Technical Education and Skills Development Authority East Service Road, South Superhighway, Taguig City, Philippines). TESDA Courses. 1 yr Basic Course in Interior Design: 1 yr Advance Course in Interior Design: 3 month Business Opportunities in Fashion Module One (Basic) 3 month Business Opportunities in Fashion Module Two (Advanced) Bartending (leading to BTTE in Food and Service Management in MUST) Bartending NC II: Bartending NC.

Advanced Bar Training Module 1. Uploaded by api Related Interests.

Bartending NC II in the Philippines

Drink; Alcohol; Alcoholic Drinks; Module 1 Spirit & liqueurs Build & Stir Method of Mixology Module 2 Glassware, bartending tools Shake Method of Mixology Glassware5/5(5). Tesda here in the Philippines offer a short course to bartending/barista, a few schools offer the course for three months length while others offer it to as short as 11 days.

I put a portion of the TESDA schools in Metro Manila that offer an instructional class for Bartending you can get in touch with them in regards to the educational cost expenses.

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Bartending TESDA Assessment Centers

Training Regulations (TR) – a TESDA-promulgated document that serves as basis for which the competency-based curriculum and instructional materials and competency assessment tools are developed. This document represents a specific qualification.

BARTENDING NC II Beauty Care NC II BEAUTY CARE NC III Beauty Care Services .

Tesda bartending module
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