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Make sure to tell the Ghost of Antoine hello. Together they worked to build up their Theo 525 with culinary emphasis. For every clink of a bottle the employee makes, it is said, there is a mimicking "clink" of another bottle just out of reach. A son, Roy Louis, was Theo 525 in and headed the restaurant for almost 40 years until his death in He committed suicide upstairs inand his ghost can be seen wandering through the building.

The spirit of Germaine Cazenave is said to haunt this area of the restaurant and Mardi Gras Museum most frequently. However, one night in Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan bet his house in a poker game.

Late at night, when the guests have gone and staff are locking up, Chef Paul will bang doors and pots in the empty kitchen.

Many New Orleans restaurants are reported that have had ghostly disturbances. One of them a small girl called francis is said to be heard sining and often slams doors and trips a waiter or waitress. And any visitor to Haunted New Orleans will tell you that, when it comes to haunted locations its hard to go very far without finding one!

He returned to New Orleans and became chef of the famous Pickwick Club in before his mother summoned him to head the house of Antoine. They hope to see the ghost. Theo 525 this is where the ghost is most often sighted.

Jourdan built his house the building the restaurant currently resides in in Ancestral spirits lurk within the great old walls of this 4 star fine dining experience.

His genius was in the kitchen where he invented Oysters Rockefeller, so named for the richness of the sauce. The two other ghosts are mischievous and throw glasses around the first floor bar and courtyard.

Louisiana oysters are served with braised endive and melted cheese; gulf fish is pan-sauteed or grilled; and cane-syrup glazed carrots and parsnip mashed potatoes compliment the bone-in short ribs. Patrons who have rented the room for special events have reported the ghostly image of a man dressed in 18th century clothing seen peering in disapprovingly at the festivities.

Chef Erik Veney works with classic local elements, like crawfish, oysters, soft shell crabs in season, or duck confit in his own recipes and does traditional dishes like gumbo and turtle soup.

Egyptian mummy cases mingle with tasseled lamps and a Ouija board in the upstairs Seance Lounge; velvet curtains are suspended alongside trees in the iron-furnished Courtyard Bar; the Virgin Mary hangs just outside a restroom ornamented with African tribal paraphernalia.

The best known is Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, who built this structure as a home in Not so in old New Orleans, where restaurants can become part of the family.

Even at that late date the gas chandeliers provided the only heat for the room during the winter months!

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Jules married Althea Roy, daughter of a planter in Youngsville in southwest Louisiana, and Marie Louise, the grand dame of the family, was born. He told his wife he did not want her to watch him deteriorate and said as he left; "As I take boat for Marseilles, we will not meet again on earth.

Arnaud Cazenave is said to be the most active spirit in the restaurant, perhaps still hanging around to make sure that everything is being kept in order and to his liking. In fact, so beloved has this dining institution become to New Orleanians that many have simply decided to spend eternity there.

He felt at home in the French-speaking city of lordly aristocrats and their extravagances, an ideal audience for his culinary artistry. Now fully restored--crystal chandeliers, gas lanterns and original artwork adorn the space--the Bistro offers an eclectic menu of French-Creole, Italian, Mediterranean and American dishes.

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This, they say, is Herman Funk making his suggestion for a wine selection. Louis Street where the restaurant stands today. If you happen to see this ghost she is always dressed in black and is said to smile and nod politely and go on her way.

It was spring inwhen New Orleans was queen city of the Mississippi River, when cotton was king and French gentlemen settled their differences under the oaks with pistols for two and coffee for one.


New Orleans with its long and rich colorful history, it is easy to see why this is the case. The museum brings together more than two dozen lavish Mardi Gras costumes, including 13 of Mrs. However, many years ago the owners decided to block off an area of the restaurant which can be seen from the street and dedicate it to the slaves.

The house was his dream home, and he loved it dearly. The location passed through several owners and so the identity of the ghostly spectres cannot be verifiably traced, however, their presence is undeniable.All mp3 podcasts by The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast all in one page.

New Orleans is known as the City That Care Forgot, but it is also often referred to as "The Most Haunted City in America". Jeremy Gilbert: RS Mounts Bay SC/Penzance SC: Steve Jones: RS Chew Valley Lake SC: Charles Camm: RS Castle Cove Sailing Club: Ian.

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