Write a test case for pentax

I was hoping it would be as easy to focus as an old Pentax However, look at how drastically better the Z performs at ISO — with a bit of down-sampling, one can get the images from the Z look fairly acceptable in my opinion.

Other than the above, the lens performed very well and focused pretty fast. This is a wonderful feature, since you can mount two brackets on the camera separately, instead of dealing with a single plate, or a large L bracket.

Although the focusing and recomposing technique works really well in most situations, one has to be careful when shooting with wide aperture lenses at maximum aperture and close distances — using a center focus point and recomposing can be problematic due to changes in focus plane, as explained in the article.

Luckily I was pretty happy with shot I wish Pentax changed it, so that the right arrow does not go into the sub-menu, but rather was used to navigate between the sub-menus. Here is how the two cameras compare side by side when shooting at ISO Left: It evokes too much of a reaction from people.

Anything above ISO typically looks really bad on all cameras and here we see the two perform rather poorly.

Despite the much bigger throat size, Pentax did a wonderful job with keeping the front of the camera fairly small. Overall, it is not a bad ergonomic placement of buttons, although I personally prefer Nikon and Canon DSLR ergonomics instead, since they are much easier to get used to and buttons are not crammed into one area.

Once again, the amount of noise and artifacts we see on the D far exceed what we see on the Z.

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It is very intuitive and the placement of options makes sense. I took it with me to Death Valley in January, so I put the camera to pretty harsh conditions, shooting in very dusty and sometimes below freezing conditions.

In playback mode, the same button is used for deleting images. Without the massive lens selection. This might not be a big issue for many, but it is basically a deal breaker for me, since I have carpal-tunnel.

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The 55 is the only choice for using AF, but it being somewhere in the neighborhood of a 40mm equivalent makes it, based on my own preferences, either not long enough or not wide enough most of the time.

Doubling the weight of my setup was pretty taxing on my hands, making it difficult to hand-hold the camera. Autofocus speed may or may not be improved. The Pentax Z pretty much took most of the bag due to its bulk, making it hard to close the bag, so I ended up either taking out the D or the Z and carrying one of the two in my hands to make it easier.

I never used it myself as a flash, but it was nice to have a commander mode for other Pentax flashes in a pinch. And the same trend continues at ISO Well, after using the Pentax Z for over a month and using its tilting LCD screen extensively, I have to say that it is all a myth — tilting LCD screens are not prone to breaking more than regular screens are.

Alan Bailward is a wedding, portrait, music, and event photographer based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. In a house, setup in strobist style with flashes and softboxes. Not sure what was wrong, but when I tested it more, connecting with the Image Sync app, it worked with no issues at all.

In fact, the Nikon D is actually slightly taller, thanks to its protruded top that hosts the pentaprism and the flash unit. With the Z, I would occasionally get poor focus and I would have to switch to manual focusing in order to nail the focus, which was rather disappointing. This article was also published here.

I used this a lot, and it made it very easy to do things like check your exposure in manual by simply pointing the camera at pavement or grass and seeing what your exposure was like. This is a third control wheel available for your right hand while shooting.

So far — mostly — so good. Any time I handle something very heavy on my hands for a prolonged period of time, it simply hurts and sadly, two surgeries in both hands only served as temporary relief for a few years.

The Hyper Program feature is really neat. This sees how the sensor works in optimal conditions. Phase detection is not particularly reliable and it is a given, but I did not expect live view to be somewhat inaccurate as well. Take a look at the below image: Not super intuitive for a single button to work for video capture, live view and trash, but it works out OK.

And this is where the Pentax Z needs ergonomic improvement.Find great deals on eBay for pentax q camera case. Shop with confidence. The Pentax Z is a highly sought-after camera, offering 50MP resolution from its medium-format CMOS sensor, and a range of features closer to those of a 35mm DSLR than a traditional digital MF camera.

Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax 645Z

Now reading: Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax Z comments. Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax Z. Published Dec. The Pentax K is a midrange DSLR, priced at the same level as many competitive entry-level models. It sports a 24MP CMOS sensor with on-sensor phase detection, a first for a Pentax DSLR.

The camera can use its sensor-shift IS system for a 'Pixel Shift' mode, which reduces color noise and enhances resolution/5(4). Find great deals on eBay for pentax q case. Shop with confidence. Lens Reviews - Pentax Please note that the tests results are not comparable across the different test systems!

This also applies to the 10mp (K10D) vs 16mp (K5) tests here because of the different AA filter characteristic between the cameras! PENTAX Z + smc PENTAX-FA mm F @ 55mm, ISO1/50, f/ 5) Ergonomics Ergonomically, the Pentax Z is superb – the grip is not only nicely protruded, but there is an extra dip that goes all the way into the camera body, making it comfortable for people with small or large hands to hold the camera/5.

Write a test case for pentax
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